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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Okeh, in this time I shall share for you about “Active Or Passive Voice”. I so remember when in senior high school(in fact, my past in senior high school in Madrasah Aliyah, it is similiar to senior high school), my English teacher, Ms. Tress, has teached me about “Active Or Passtive Voice. The first, I don’t understand too what is “Active Or Passive Voice”, but after I learned on the right, finally I understanded alhamdulillah.
Finally, I founded a software in Android Gagdet about “Active Or Passive Voice”, the name is “English Grammar”. The content of that is “Grammar Topics, Tenses, and Spoken English”. Now, I shall to share about “Active Or Passive Voice”. Started from introduction... let’s go on...
Forms Of Verbs
There are two special forms for verbs called voice :
1. Active Voice
2. Passive Voice
The active voice is the “normal” voice. This is the voice that we use most of the time. You are probably already familiar with the active voice. In the active voice, the object receives the action of the verb :
Example : Cats eat fish.
The passive voice is less usual. In the passtive voice, the subject receives the action of the verb :
Example : Fish are eaten by cats.
The object of the active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb :
Example ;
Active : Everybody drinks water.
Passive : Water is drunk by everybody.
Okeh, pause in here and next in my script...

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